At the NEMO research group, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries of nanotechnology and its applications!


Through cutting-edge experimentation and advanced computational modeling, we strive to unlock the enormous potential of nanotechnology and contribute to advancements in various fields, including electronics, energy, healthcare, and more.

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We believe in the power of teamwork and encourage collaborations across departments, institutions, and industry partners.


Shobha Shukla

Head, NEMO

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At NEMO Lab, we are engaged in mulifaceted research. We utilize both experimental as well as theoretical approach in understanding various aspects of materials and metastructures. Further details on our ongoing projects is provided in the Research section.

Our Lab consists of different teams based on modern problems!

We published in reputed journals!!

Esteemed publications serve as a testament to the high quality and significance of our research findings.Being accepted for publication in such reputable journals demonstrates the recognition and acceptance of our research contributions within the scientific community.

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Our Research Patents Are Outstanding!!

We are delighted to share that our research team has achieved outstanding success in the field of patents.These patents not only showcase our ability to generate novel ideas and solutions, but they also demonstrate our commitment to transforming cutting-edge research into tangible and practical applications..

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Preventing Pathogen Passage by Taking Precautions Against the Century Pandemic

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Driving that Gene, Mutations are Seen Spreading Trait through a New Viral Population

Naturally occurring defense tool for bacteria, had recently been harnessed as remarkably simple and efficient way to edit DNA, this discovery was so remarkable that it...

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